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Corns and callous treated by paring away dear hard skin with sterile blades and smoothing off with a drill and moisture cream. Painless procedure. 
Verrucae treated with cryotherapy (freezing) can be painful application of acid creams and crystals not usually painful. Application of homeopathic tincture and tablets not painful. 
Ingrowing toe nails part of nail removed sometimes with anaesthetic can be slightly painful but not if correct technique is used. If a chronic a minor op is required to take away part of nail permanently carried out with anaesthetic. 
Athletes foot This can be treated with anti fungal agents topically applied under supervision if severe. 
Fungal nails treated by reducing the thickness with a drill (painless procedure). Application of anti fungal paints again under supervision . Use of nail correction gel wilde Pedique gel impregnated with antifungal which not only treats fungus make the nail look much improved. 
There is also laser treatment available to treat fungus in nails and I can give you more information on this if required. 
Pronating feet are treated with insoles or orthotics and depending on severity this can also help heel pain and plantarfascitis. 
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