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An area of skin which is exposed to pressure or friction causing a circular area of skin to form which becomes embedded in the skin an becomes painful 
A sheet of skin which becomes hardened due to pressure or friction usually on ball or around heels of the foot. 
Ingrowing Toenails 
Toe nails which become embedded in the skin, can bleed and become infected. Often caused by poor cutting of nails or trauma. 
Heel Pain 
Usually plantar fascitis which is an injury to the fascia underneath the foot pain on standing and on rising in the morning. Can also be a boney outgrowth on the heel called a heel spur. 
A verrucae is a skin virus caught from swimming pool changing areas, gym showers or general communal areas where your feet may have been exposed the virus; typically on flooring surfaces. Treatment to eradicate the virus consist of either cryotherapy or acid treatment. Please note that a verrucae can not be cut out. In order to completely eradicate the viral infection treatment for a verrucae generally takes place over a number of weeks. 
Nail Fungus 
Fungi that feed on keratin, a structural protein within your nails, frequently causing the condition and resulting in pain, impaired ability to walk and may contribute to a negative self image. Borehamwood Chiropody and Podiatry treat Nail Fungus disease by means of Laser therapy, a popular therapy resulting in eradication of the disease in a matter of months and promoting healthy nail growth immediately following treatment. 
Athletes Foot 
Fungal infection of the skin which usually starts between the toes and can lead to an itchy feeling in and around the infected area. The fungal infection can also result in scaling and flaking of the skin the and can lead to the development of fungal nails. Athletes foot, is usually transmitted via moist or damp conditions where people walk barefoot such a communal shower areas in clubs etc. Good personal hygiene will help to prevent the condition developing and it can be treated by a health professional and the use of specialist powders and creams. 
Biomechanical problems: 
Pronating Foot - Collapsed Arches 
Also known as Low Arches are a a common condition in adults and children. Foot arches are very important as they act as a "shock absorbing spring". If the arches are low or collapsed the spring action of the foot becomes compromised. This can be corrected in children and adults with simple insoles or orthotics. 
Thickened Nails 
This condition is usually caused by trauma to the nail either physical (stubbing ) or chemical 
Cracked Heels 
Dehydrated skin on the heel which becomes cracked and sore. 
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