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Edwina Bogush, practitioner for nearly 30 years 

Edwina Paul (now Bogush ) has been in practice for nearly 30 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience about the Podiatry world. 
Edwina trained at Sussex School of Podiatry, gaining a BSc in Podiatry, State registration and member of the HCPC, member of college of Podiatry , which is our professional governing body, protecting its members and the public. 
Edwina continues to update techniques and guidelines to keep patients safe and up to date with current treatments. Also attends the yearly conference to keep up with cpd and current trends . 
Edwina has worked for the NHS in the early years gaining experience, and then stated working in the private sector, building up a client base of patients. 
The practice welcomes patients from the youngest to the eldest, with a range of treatments available including general foot care, nail clipping, laser treatment for fungal infection, verrucae treatments, simple insoles for biomechanics support, callous and corn treatment, general foot care advice for diabetics and complex care needs. 
Home visits are offered to vulnerable and house bound patients, also has extensive experience of patients with dementia, and is able to deal with their sometime unpredictable nature. 
Edwina is also involved in Psyciatric domicillary rounds in Barnet hospital, Care homes, and with Camp Hill village trust treating residents on site and in their homes. 
Edwina has a keep interest in nutrition fitness and mental well being and has been involved with extensive training with a mental health charity, which has been essential to continue treating patients with positivity and enthusiasm. 
Edwina has completed 2 marathons, 7 half marathons, numerous 5k and 10k runs including the infamous park run, tough mudders, Gherkin run times two, raising money for various charities. 

Introducing The K Laser 

Introducing The K laser to Borehamwood Podiatry offers a new scope of treatments within the practice. The K laser is NICE-approved and being used within the NHS setting. 
The K laser is a safe, side effect-free, painless treatment aiding lots of conditions, namely verrucae treatments, Fungal nail infections, and skin conditions Psoriasis, open wounds, and acne. 
The K laser can also so effective treatment for heel pain, knee pain, plantar fascitis, muscle tears, and soreness, also effective in managing arthritic pain in joints. 
The K laser works with the body's own healing mechanisms, to provide a speedy and more effective healing rate. 

Covid 19 Information 

The guidelines are as follows. 
Edwina will be wearing full PPE, Patients must sanitise before and after treatment. 
Patients need to attend the appointment time given, and attend alone if possible and wear masks during treatment. 
Treatment is carried out behind a screen, and air filtration in the surgery 
Payment is by card or cash . 
Areas are sanitised between appointments. 
Home visits are being offered to patient who require it full PPE being worn. 
Appointments are spaced out to avoid overlapping patients. 
Fees may increase due to increased operational charges. 
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